check for any memory access violations before

even flashing the software

T1.accessPredictor makes it possible to detect access violations before the software runs on the target hardware

Upset by MPU exceptions in the field? Tracking them down while the software executes can be very time consuming and costly. T1.accessPredictor allows you to check for any memory access violations before even flashing the software. Think of it as an “off-line MPU”.

Analyzing the binary rather than the source code has significant advantages.

  • It is a long way from the source code to the binary and assuming that no additional accesses were injected by the compiler and linker is a critical assumption in a safety-relevant context.
  • C source analysis also omits any assembler code.
  • What’s more, today’s ECUs incorporate software components from various parties. None of them has a full view on 100% of the sources so a complete analysis is impossible when performing source code analysis.

Using T1.accessPredictor is very simple; there are only a few steps to take

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Supported processors

Core Controller Examples
Infineon TC1.6.X, TC1.8 TC2xx, TC3xx, TC4x
NXP/STM e200z0-z4, z6, z7 MPC57xx, MPC56xx, MPC55xx, SPC58xx, SPC57xx, SPC56xx, etc.