Product Updates

Credentials are needed for the downloads. To run T1 also a license is needed. Both can be obtained by writing an email to:

T1-HOST-SW V3.6.0 Prerequisites for offline installation
Size: 74.383.976 Bytes
File hashes: sha1 sha256 (Info)
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V2.6.3 Prerequisites for offline installation
Size: 26.132.376 Bytes
File hashes: sha1 sha256 (Info)
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Older releases of T1-HOST-SW can be found here

Links for Drivers Driver for License Dongle/U2C:
Download from FTDI Website
zip Download
Driver Uninstaller:
Driver Uninstaller Instructions
CDM Uninstaller
T1-TARGET-SW For T1-TARGET-SW updates please contact us via:
T1-TARGET-SW Release Note Summary
T1-TARGET-SW POSIX Release Notes
T1-TARGET-SW Bug Notifications

ATdemo V1.14 HighTec (*)
V1.14 Tasking (*)
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