T1 License Portfolio

T1-HOST-SW license options

  • The T1-HOST-SW can be used with any ECU-software with integrated T1-TARGET-SW.
  • Remote access is allowed from locations covered by the license of the T1-HOST-SW: Within the same building for a dongle and 1 site, 1 time zone, 2 time zones or global for a floating license.

T1-TARGET-SW license overview

Criteria Project
Multiple SW versions
Multiple data-sets
Multiple Deployment at multiple OEMs
Multiple T1 integrations
More than one ECU HW
Major changes in the appliccation SW1
Multiple SOPs
Number of derived projects per year (up to 20) (unlimited)
Usage by multiple departments
Usage by multiple leaf legal entities (up to 5)
Multiple compilers
Multiple Architectures (processor cores) (✓2)
Perpetual Project Derivation (✓3)
  • (1) more than 10% of the object-code differs
  • (2) Add-on product Multiple Processor Architectures removes the limitation to a certain processor architecture
  • (3) Add-on product Perpetual Project Derivation allows to derive projects without any limitation in time