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It's time for a new support video!


In the T1.api video, we present how the automation of T1 is possible and what are the interesting use-cases.
This is a good start to understand how autonomous measurement is possible using T1.
Examples using Python are available in the example folder shipped with T1 (by default C:\T1\Python or \Examples\Python).

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GLIWA T1-HOST-SW V3.6.0 is available!


You want to understand whether the breaking request from the ADAS system arrives the actuator in the expected time or not?
T1 supports you with the new Complex Event Chain Support.
Constraints can be defined and supervised on segments and/or on full chain.
Complex Event Chains configuration supports single-core, multi-core and multi systems setups.
The timing behavior is visualized by the powerful T1.scope view.

You are already user of the T1.timing suite?
Then you will love the improvements offered by the re-worked T1.scope view. And all new users will love it, too!
You can combine/stream now tracing data from different projects and mix AUTOSAR CP and POSIX systems.
New visulization options, improved filter and zooming capabilities support you to set the right focus for your analysis.

Your IT department complains about the GLIWA license server?
You can make them happy: T1-HOST-SW V3.6.0 supports now CodeMeter based licence management.

The installation package including detailed release information can be found here:


T1-TARGET-SW V3.5.x.x (93) supports
TASKING HSM Compiler Tool Chain (VX-Toolset for TriCore v6.3r1)

The new T1-TARGET-SW variant 93 supports the Arm-v7M architecture profile with the TASKING HSM Compiler Tool Chain part of the VX-Toolset for TriCore v6.3r1.
Although this can be used with any processor implementing the Arm-v7M architecture profile, it is targeted at the AURIX HSM and allows AURIX users to explore the timing and other behaviors also of the HSM, enjoying the T1 features and PC interface that they use with the TriCore cores.

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T1-TARGET-SW V3.5.x.x (91) supports
HighTec LLVM Based C/C++ Compiler Suite for Infineon AURIX™– TC4X

The new T1-TARGET-SW variant 91 supports the TC4x family with the HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH LLVM-based compiler, as well as the previous TC3xx/TC2xx families. As a result, the T1-TARGET-SW benefits from the fast and powerful LLVM framework combined with the familiar and optimized HighTec support for all the AURIX family.

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T1-TARGET-SW Port to Texas Instruments C66x DSP Architecture available


The T1-TARGET-SW, which has been ported to many microcontroller architectures used in automotive applications, is now also available for the Texas Instruments C66x DSP architecture. It is the first port to a DSP architecture and offers a powerful way to measure and analyze the timing behavior of C66x-based systems. The powerful T1.flex plugin allows to measure the execution time of any function in the system at runtime without the need to add any instrumentation code. With the completion of the port to the C66x DSP architecture, T1.timing can now be used to analyze the timing behavior of the Arm Cortex-R5F and C66x DSP subsystems of the Texas Instruments AWR2944 SoC used in radar applications.
Here you find more information:
Texas Instruments
Supported Processors and Compilers

New T1-TARGET-SW variant for Infineon Technologies AURIX TC4x and TASKING 
SmartCode Compiler available


We have created a new T1-TARGET-SW variant (ID 90) which supports projects using the TASKING SmartCode compiler and Infineon's AURIX TC4x family of microcontrollers. This new variant has already been certified according to ISO26262.

Check here for more information

Release of T1-HOST-SW V3.5.4


This is mainly a bug fix release but also contains several enhancements and a new feature 💡
It allows the configuration of customer-specific messages in the GLIWA License Manager.

Check the release notes for more details or reach out to us 📞 ⌨