Welcome to OT1 - an open timing information exchange format

OT1 is a unified data exchange format which can be used by all kinds of timing/tracing related tools. The list of key features includes:


OT1 specification is published as open format, which is defined as follows:
  • OT1 is accessible to everyone free of charge.
  • OT1 and GLIWA do not favour one implementer over another for any reason other than the technical standards compliance of a vendor’s implementation.
  • OT1 is published under royalty-free terms
  • OT1 remains accessible and free of charge
  • OT1 is accessible free of charge and documented in all its details (i.e. all aspects of the standard are transparent and documented, and both access to and use of the documentation is free)
  • OT1 is free for all to implement, with no royalty or fee. Certification of compliance by GLIWA may involve a fee.
  • OT1 implementations may be extended, or offered in subset form. However, certification organisations may decline to certify subset implementations, and may place requirements upon extensions
  • OT1 extensions have to be integrated in OT1 and published under this open format license.

Downloads and links

Click here to download a brief introduction (PDF presentation).
Click here to download the latest specification (XML schema).